First Lecture Recordings Online
by Michael Fuchs
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The first three recordings of lectures in our lecture series, which took place in the fall, are now online.

Three lectures are publicly available now:

  • Stefan Rabitsch, "Entrepreneurship as Popular National Storytelling Tradition" (delivered on November 21, 2019),
  • Roberta Maierhofer and Christian Cwik, "(Inter)American Studies as I/Entrepreneurship" (delivered on November 7, 2019), and
  • Michael Fuchs, "Video Games and Entrepreneurial Decision-Making in the Neoliberal Age" (delivered on January 7, 2020).

Keep monitoring this space and/or our YouTube channel, as the other lectures which we are allowed to publish go online.

Of course, a big "thank you" to Rabia Janisi for editing the material.

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